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About us - Dentist Košice – Aupark Dental Office


Dental clinic with high standard approach to patients

We are a dental clinic, which provides dental care in the field of protective and aesthetic dentistry, implantology, dental surgery, periodontics and prosthetics. Of course, dental hygiene is an integral part of our services.

At our dental clinic, we always start with a careful, preventive check-up that is free of charge for the patient. In the initial preventive check-up, the dentist diagnoses the quality and functionality of the current fillings and dental implants, further investigates the soft tissue and determines the quality of dental hygiene. The initial examination also includes necessary X-ray images, including OPG - a clear panoramic image and photo-protocol of your teeth. We will image your teeth for better illustration and diagnosis of possible problems. If no additional examinations are necessary, we will set establish a preliminary treatment plan after consulting the client.

Our clinic operates based on maximum precision and accuracy. The vast majority of our work is performed under the strong magnification of the operating microscope or using magnifying glasses.

Our dentists and dental hygienists receive regular professional training. This is how we can guarantee the quality of treatment at the AUPARK dental clinic with more modern processes and instruments and material at a very high level.

We look forward to your visit.

The AUPARK Dental Office Team.

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We value every patient, that’s why we give them maximal and precise care.



We use cutting-edge equipment and state-of-the-art working practices.

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We want to provide our clients with maximum comfort. You can enjoy a view of Košice from the dentist’s chair.



Our dental clinic is located in the AUPARK shopping centre. Be in the centre of things!

Dentist’s working for you

Dr. Michal Repaši
Dentoalveoral surgeon - professional supervisor, company director
+421 940 320 099
MDDr. Viliam Falis
Head dentist of the clinic
+421 940 123 555
Dr. Nadiia Vozniuk
055/622 1280
MDDr. Alexandra Homolová
+421 940 123 555
MUDr. Štefan Kujaník, MBA
+421 940 123 555

Dental hygienists working for you

Iveta Halušková
Dental hygienist, regional expert for the ministry of health
+421 905 168 549
Bianka Tkáčová
Bc. Dental hygienist
+421 940 123 555

Nurses and assistants working for you

Mária Orémušová
Head nurse, dental hygienist
055/622 1280
Mariana Príhodová
Dental assistant
+421 940 123 555
Mgr. Lenka Šoltysová
Dental assistant
+421 940 123 555
Bc. Jana Novotná
Zubná asistentka
+421 940 123 555

Administration and logistics working for you

Ing. Alexandra Širotňáková
Manager - coordinator
+421 940 123 555
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