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Prevention is our priority in caring for our patients. Preventive care for your teeth is the most basic and effective form of prevention, and this means preventive check-ups with the dentist and well-performed home and professional oral hygiene. Thus, the risk of problems in the oral cavity can be reduced, especially: tooth decay, gingivitis - periodontitis, tartar, plaque, pigment spots, thus ensuring the long-term health of your teeth.

Dental hygienists are irreplaceable members of professional dental teams. The main goal of their work is to teach you how to take proper care of your teeth so as to prevent tooth decay and gum disease - periodontitis. You will not need medical care if you visit the dental unit regularly every half year and follow the instructions of the dental hygienist.

  • Gentle and thorough cleaning of the tartar with ultrasound and manual curettes
  • Air flow (blasting) - removal of pigmentation
  • Polishing of enamel
  • Guidance on proper care of your teeth
  • Possibility of purchasing suitable dental aids at the reception
Dentálna hygiena
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