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Dental implants work just like your own teeth

Implantology is a modern field, essential to modern dentistry. It offers an elegant, gentle and quality solution to the loss of one or more teeth. Dental implants are an artificial replacement for dental roots that have been destroyed. They consist of a small screw that, in a minor surgical procedure, is integrated into the jaw in place of the missing tooth.

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Dental implants work just like your own teeth. They even connect naturally to the jawbone. The new crown is permanently anchored to the top of the implant.

Implants will look and function like your own teeth for a long time – often even better. They are for situations when you lose one tooth, you are missing teeth in several places or you have no teeth.

If you want to make sure that dental implants fulfil their purpose and are properly and professionally fitted, please consult our team of specialists who will be fully at your disposal. Doctors will advise you on a suitable form of treatment for damaged teeth and will also perform a complete professional dental procedure if you are interested. With us, you can rely on the professionalism of dentists and the modern environment equipped with the newest equipment and technology. We use top dental implants from the world's leading brands.

Another new area is navigated implantology. For accurate planning of implants, we use software called 3-shape implant studio, which allows precise insertion of implants using a computer technology.

Digital control of the whole process.
We perform diagnostics and operations on the latest generation of equipment; we fully control the process of insertion and positioning of implants.

Without fear or pain
We use local anaesthesia and sedation. If only the thought of an operation causes panic in the patient - the procedure is performed under general anaesthesia.

Every patient is unique. Each patient has a different initial condition of the oral cavity, bone quality, different time for regeneration, metabolism, different levels of immunity, varying illnesses at the same time. The extent of the procedure is also unique. Some people need to increase the volume of bone tissue and the process of tooth implantation is extended to a year and a half. Another patient can be treated within a single stage, i.e. over several visits and everything heals within three months. The application of temporary crowns eliminates aesthetic discomfort.

How dental implants are inserted

Diagnostic stage

  • Initial consultation, 3D imaging (Planmeca ProMax 3D X-ray).
  • We diagnose the condition of the teeth and periodontium (hard and soft tissues). If necessary, we prescribe an additional examination.
  • Develop a treatment plan and choose the most appropriate method and type of implants.

Preparatory stage

  • If necessary, perform deep cleaning with the flap folded back.
  • Remediation of the oral cavity and, if necessary, treatment of gum and mucosal diseases.
  • Intraoral scanning (3-shape trios), using computer software to model a surgical template and temporary teeth that are be printed on a 3D printer.

Surgical stage

  • Adding bone - Ensure that the volume of bone tissue is increased in case of insufficient thickness and also near the jaw cavity. We perform a closed or open sinus lift. In the case of a closed sinus lift and other conditions, we will insert the implant immediately. With the open sinus lift method, in some cases the immediate implantation of the implant is not possible, it is necessary to wait 4 - 6 months.
  • When inserting a dental implant, we perform the operation: folding back the periodontal flap, making a small incision, forming the bed for the artificial root, inserting the implant, stitching. When implanting based on a surgical template, nothing is cut or sewn. With one-stage implantation, the implant is inserted into the opening of the tooth just removed.
  • We sculpt soft tissue to form the gums in the implant area.

Orthopaedic stage

  • Put on the dental implant abutment
  • Based on the intraoral scanning (3shape trios) we prepare a 3D model - analogue imprint to make crowns
  • We make prosthetic structures based on the situation and requirements of the patient (metal ceramics, ceramics, zircon, CAD-CAM, CEREC, titanium, resin and other orthopaedic structures)
  • We place the crown on and fix it to the abutments.

Is it possible for the implant to be rejected?

There are no negative immunological responses to titanium implants. Industrial grade titanium is the ideal biocompatible material. Implants are practically always accepted. Rejection takes the form of easy movement of the implant and sensitivity around it. In such cases, the implant can be removed and replaced by another implant of the same size after tissues heal in this area. Inflammatory reactions associated with intense pain are very exceptional or unknown. According to statistics, successful integration of implants is 98%.

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