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DENTOALVEOLAR SURGERY - Dentist Košice - Aupark Dental Office


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AUPARK dental office performs the following dentoalveolar surgery:

  • Simple and surgical extraction
  • Resection of the root tip
  • Sinus lift
  • Augmentation

Surgical extraction of wisdom teeth, which often do not have a place to come through and are a source of recurring problems in the form of pain and repeated inflammation. Extraction of wisdom teeth is performed painlessly in the clinic.

Resection of the root tip, in the case of imperfect endodontic treatment, or dead teeth that are not treated at all, is due to the constant irritation of the pathogenic substances at the tip of the root of the granuloma, so the root tip is resected. It is a procedure where the granulated tissue is removed with the infected part of the root tip. This is an operation that will save the tooth from being pulled, so it is especially desirable for the front teeth.

Open curettage of the tooth is carried out in the case of periodontally affected teeth, when behind the jaw a special curette is used to clean it, the root surface is polished and after it heals, the gum fuses to the root, improving condition of the gums and reducing movement of the tooth. In this operation, a special membrane can be applied, at the site of a funnel-shaped bone defect which has previously been filled with artificial bone granules and the bone grows under this membrane. This procedure is a new healing element in periodontology. The curettage itself does not cure periodontitis, but it slows it down and sometimes stops its progress. There is a need for maximum cooperation on the part of the patient, who needs to clean their teeth with special cleaning aids according to the hygiene instructions. Without increased hygiene, periodontal disease cannot be successfully fought against.

Sinus lift surgery is performed on the upper jaw before implants are introduced in patients who do not have sufficient bone height. It is about raising the jaw cavity and getting a place to fix the implant.

After tooth extraction, the thickness of the bone necessary to introduce the implant is often lost. Bone augmentation (bone replenishment) is a procedure in which artificial bone granules and a special membrane under which the bone grows to its original thickness are attached to the affected area. This step is also taken to increase the aesthetics of the ceramic bridges in the front teeth section, where a narrowing of the bone would be a distraction.

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