Zubná implantácia pri úplnej adentii: Dr. Repaši, Košice - Aupark Dental Office
Zubná implantácia pri úplnej adentii: Dr. Repaši, Košice


The main ways of inserting dental implants

The main ways of inserting dental implants used in the case of a large number of missing teeth or complete adention are:

  • All-on-3. Prosthesis is performed using a total of 3 implants. It can only be used on the lower jaw.
  • All-on-4. Prosthesis is performed on 4 implants: 2 in the frontal zone and 2 in the side.
  • All-on-6. 6 implants are used: 2 in the front zone, 4 at the side. The prosthesis is fixed even more reliably, the load is more evenly distributed. Implantation in this way is possible even with bone tissue atrophy.
  • Basal complex. The basal implantation method can be used in the case of acute bone tissue atrophy, neglected periodontitis and periodontosis cases. The number of implants is increased to 8-12 per row. Some of them are inserted straight, others are angled. The doctor models the implantation site with the aid of 3D-technology based on computer tomography, based on volume and bone quality. An increased number of implants improves prosthesis support and increases the burden on the bone, forcing it to work. Adoption of the implant is less traumatic than with conventional implantation, it is performed without cut, only through gum puncture and screwing in the implant. Prosthesis can be performed as early as three days after implantation.

These methods have many advantages over conventional removable prostheses:

  • Methods are effective in the absence of all teeth — they are suitable for those patients who have not retained even one of their own teeth or if the doctor is forced to remove the teeth due to unsatisfactory condition.
  • Short recovery period
  • Does not require bone sculpting, as the application at an angle enables the use of a larger area than with a classical vertical method.
  • Stability of implants. Immediate fixation of the prostheses ensures that the load on the bone tissue and its rapid recovery after surgery. The prosthesis itself makes it possible to connect the implants with each other using the metal base.
  • Simple adaptation of the prosthesis. A temporary, non-removable prosthesis is fastened to the implant structure by means of threads, which, if necessary, allows it to be quickly removed without damaging the implants.
  • High aesthetic level of the prosthesis. High aesthetic level of prosthesis. The structures have an acrylic base that is able to mask the deficiencies of the patient's own gums. The edges of the artificial mucosa are not even visible at the smile. In addition, the prosthesis activates the facial and chewing muscles, increases the tone and slows down the aging process caused by the absence of teeth.
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