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Implantology is a modern field, essential to modern dentistry. It offers an elegant, gentle and quality solution to the loss of one or more teeth. Dental implants are an artificial replacement for dental roots that have been destroyed. They consist of a small screw that, in a minor surgical procedure, is integrated into the jaw in place of the missing tooth.

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From the point of view of the latest technology of prosthesis the implant template is a revolutionary discovery and currently represents the highest level of progress in this area. The templates are made of the latest polymers with a special hypoallergenic composition using intraoral scans and computerized panoramic tomography with 3D modelling.

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In preparing for the introduction of dental implants, it is often found that the jawbone is too small for implant implantation. In such a situation, the patient often needs bone sculpting to fix the implant in place. Bone sculpting (osteoplastic, bone augmentation, sinus lift) is an operation to increase the volume of bone tissue that makes it possible to create a sufficiently large bed to insert the implant. In a number of cases, bone sculpting is performed simultaneously with implantation and in some cases, it is a separate operation.

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When the teeth are removed, there is a reduction not only in the volume of bone, but also in the volume of soft tissues (gums). The gum is attached to the root of the tooth with the help of a ligament, which has a protective function. As there is no attachment of gums around the crown on the implant, it naturally adheres to the implant surface and the crowns to the superstructure surface, therefore the greater the soft tissue volume, the better the implant and superstructure attachment is protected from microorganisms and food residues.
The soft tissue sculpture around the implants not only removes cosmetic defects, but also prevents inflammation and also ensures that the attached crown functions properly. 

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The main ways of inserting dental implants used in the case of a large number of missing teeth or complete adention

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Dental mini implants are titanium screws with a diameter of about 2-3 millimetres: they are almost four times smaller than conventional dental implants, so they can be used in very limited space. As a rule, mini implants have a compact design connecting the titanium core and the implant attachment to which the orthopaedic structure is attached.

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