Zubná implantácia podľa šablóny: Dr. Repaši, Košice|HappyDent - Aupark Dental Office
Zubná implantácia podľa šablóny: Dr. Repaši, Košice|HappyDent


AUPARK Dental Clinic offers implants following a surgical template

From the point of view of the latest technology of prosthesis the implant template is a revolutionary discovery and currently represents the highest level of progress in this area. The templates are made of the latest polymers with a special hypoallergenic composition using intraoral scans and computerized panoramic tomography with 3D modelling.

Using a surgical template during implantation eliminates the human factor and possible errors, facilitates the work of the surgeon and increases the accuracy several-fold.

For the patient the use of a template has a whole range of advantages:

  • Practically digital accuracy of implant insertion, therefore, the prognosis for the operations performed based on the template is always favourable.
  • The operation itself is much faster because the surgeon is not forced to calculate the location parameters that he needs to insert the pins in place.
  • Less invasive operations, because when using the template, the surgeon does not cut the gums, he simply pierces the gums at the location indicated on the template.
  • Following from the previous point, healing of wounds and treatment of the patient are easier and faster, painless, without complications in the form of swelling, inflammation, without contact with the nerve, without perforation of the jaw cavity and so on.
  • Precision of the expected result of each manipulation. Even before implantation takes place, the patient may see the final result of the prosthesis along with the anticipated orthopaedic structures because the result is pre-modelled by the computer.
  • Preparing temporary crowns in advance based on the 3D model enables them to be inserted immediately after the pins are implanted – the patient leaves the surgical outpatient clinic with teeth.
  • Accuracy of the permanent orthopaedic design that will be added onto the implants.

Why use a surgical template?

A surgical template enables the dentist/surgeon to define with maximum precision the position of the implant when inserting it and to eliminate errors that can occur whenever a human factor is present.

When is a surgical template used?

Using a surgical template is always beneficial in implantation, since it guarantees a virtually 100% success rate of the operation, but it becomes necessary in the following cases

  • Complicated implantations when implants need to be placed in the complete absence of patient teeth or when more than 1 or 2 implants are being inserted at the same time.
  • If the patient has bone atrophy, the surgical template enables the implant to be inserted in a location that can withstand the load and without additional bone sculpting.
  • For all-on-4 and all-on-6 prosthesis - jaw prosthesis on four or six implants (this can be considered as a specific case of the previous point).
  • Implantation is being performed in front part of the teeth, upon which increased aesthetic requirements are placed.
  • If non-removable implants or implants with partially removable prosthesis are being inserted onto bridge structures.

What is a surgical template?

  • safe implantation in any situation;
  • preparing ideal conditions for prosthesis;
  • predictable outcome agreed with the patient;
  • minimal invasiveness, high accuracy;
  • reducing the risk of possible complications;

The surgical template is basically a special template brace made with the aid of digital technology. It enables implants to be placed on the desired computer-calculated spot, at the desired angle and the specified depth.

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