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Mini IMPLANTÁTY | Košice - Aupark 4. posch. ☎ 0940 123 555


Dental mini implants are titanium screws with a diameter of about 2-3 millimetres: they are almost four times smaller than conventional dental implants, so they can be used in very limited space. As a rule, mini implants have a compact design connecting the titanium core and the implant attachment to which the orthopaedic structure is attached.

Zubné mini implantáty: HappyDent Košice


  • Mini implants can also be inserted in very limited spaces.
  • Bone sculpting is not required to introduce mini implants.
  • A removable prosthesis on mini implants is much more cost effective compared to conventional dental implants.


  • Limited use options. Impossibility of separate and single crown prosthesis and deployment of non-removable structures.
  • The patient must remove the prosthesis when cleaning

Mini implanting prosthesis is one of the most popular methods for addressing prosthesis stability.

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