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The most modern equipment and top services.

The aim of our dentists is to support family dentistry – i.e. caring for all the members of the family regardless of their age.

What are the advantages?

  • Some operations and preventive examinations (parents and children) can be done at the same time, so there is no complicated travelling and planning

  • If the child knows that the procedure (e.g. initial check-up) will be performed on their mother or father, it will be easier for them to accept it
  • By knowing your dental health in detail, we can better plan and control your child's dental care
  • It facilitates communication between you, the dentist and the child.

Caring for children

When treating and communicating with children, we choose a suitable approach based on their age, type of treatment and current condition. We strive to ensure that the environment is not seen as “medical” by children - we have children's toys and books for them. Taking care of family members is a priority, we are willing to take a child alone without parents. Here we respect individuality, which is reflected in the payment for the activities provided, including inspections.


Dear parents,

If you are getting ready to visit the dental clinic with your child, we would be happy to make your child feel good here. You too can help us as parents by scheduling appointments, especially for small children, for a period of time when you know that the child is not tired, sleepy or hungry. The onset of cold symptoms and other illnesses usually complicate treatment.

If you want to prepare a child in advance for treatment, choose a simple description corresponding to age without commenting on your own unpleasant experiences and not using phrases like “it won’t hurt”, "they’ll just look", "they won’t do anything”. A more detailed explanation will be given to the child and to you in the office.

Let your child take their favourite toy with her. During treatment, the child needs to feel your presence and support, but at the same time you stay in the background.

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