Plastika mäkkých tkanív ústnej dutiny: zubná implantácia, Dr.Repaši - Aupark Dental Office
Plastika mäkkých tkanív ústnej dutiny: zubná implantácia, Dr.Repaši


When the teeth are removed, there is a reduction not only in the volume of bone, but also in the volume of soft tissues (gums). The gum is attached to the root of the tooth with the help of a ligament, which has a protective function. As there is no attachment of gums around the crown on the implant, it naturally adheres to the implant surface and the crowns to the superstructure surface, therefore the greater the soft tissue volume, the better the implant and superstructure attachment is protected from microorganisms and food residues.

The soft tissue sculpture around the implants not only removes cosmetic defects, but also prevents inflammation and also ensures that the attached crown functions properly. 

Sculpting the soft tissues of the gums enables:

  • a significant improvement in the aesthetic appearance of the smile
  • firming of the soft tissue around implants, protection against inflammation around the implant
  • the correct soft tissue profiles ensure good hygiene and protection from food residues
  • significantly reduced sensitivity of previously exposed roots and improved external appearance of teeth.
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How soft tissue sculpting is performed:

  • To perform sculpting, grafts are taken from the region of the roof or the posterior parts of the upper jaw and transferred to the area of missing soft tissues.
  • The place from which soft tissues were collected is then protected by a special membrane that accelerates healing and significantly reduces discomfort after surgery.
  • Often artificial soft tissue is also used to perform the sculpting.

Advantages of performing soft tissue sculpture at the StomatologiaAupark Clinic:

  •  sculpting is performed exclusively using magnifying optics (magnifying glass, microscope)
  • fine material for stitching and special microsurgical instruments are used in the operation to ensure fast healing.
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