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Not every patient is satisfied with the natural colour of their teeth. Teeth whitening is recommended in such cases. For overall aesthetics, the colour of the upper front teeth is crucial. Therefore, whitening is particularly important for these teeth.

PURE Whitening – the only whitening that guarantees results for the long term!

At our dental clinic we work with technologies that we consider to be the best and with which we are able to achieve perfect results and maximum satisfaction for our clients. That's why we use the innovative and unique PURE Whitening method to whiten your teeth and guarantee a perfect result regardless of the initial colour of the patient’s teeth.

  • minimum hydrogen peroxide content (6%)
  • 100% aqueous base of gels without stabilizers
  • complete safety, easy on the teeth
  • minimal or no tooth sensitivity during whitening
  • there is no need to follow a “white diet”

How does tooth whitening work?

First, we make a cast in our dental office which the dental laboratory staff use to make unique dental supports perfectly matching your teeth. On your next visit, you collect your supports and whitening gels and get whitening instructions. This is followed by a 14-day home whitening process where the patient's teeth are whitened at home overnight. On day 15, the whitening takes place at the clinic to close the cycle.

Which teeth are whitened?

Only your own, healthy teeth, treated, with no defects, and no gingivitis can be whitened. It is very important that dental hygiene be performed before whitening.

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