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The main aim of restorative dentistry is to save the tooth that is affected, e.g. by decay or trauma. This kind of problem can be solved by fillings. With the modern materials of the unique technology we use, we can make "white seals" on any tooth. It is also possible to add it aesthetically to damaged teeth. Also, teeth that have had endodontic treatment can be filled with photo-composite material under suitable conditions.

Composite infill - aesthetic filling material in natural tooth colour.

Photo-composite seals are the best solution for treating small dental defects. With a wide range of shades, working with magnifying glasses, photo-composite seals blend with the dental tissue. When properly applied, composite seals have a minimum life of 10 years. With the modern materials of the unique processing technology we use, we can make “white seals” on any tooth. The technological process of creating them is time consuming and is not covered by health insurance companies.

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