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TREATMENT UNDER SEDATION - Dentist Košice - Aupark Dental Office


The most modern equipment and top services.

At our clinic we use a full spectrum of modern methods and anaesthetics. This ensures all dental procedures are painless. Therefore, there is no reason why a patient should fear pain.

We offer the option of dental treatment under general anaesthesia. General anaesthesia is a state of controlled unconsciousness, similar to a peaceful sleep and serves to eliminate painful sensations during surgery. In our dental clinic, we cooperate with an experienced anaesthetist and dental procedures under general anaesthesia are recommended to patients in the following cases:

  • surgical procedures (extraction of wisdom teeth, implants)
  • patients who have a great fear of dental surgery
  • difficult to treat patients - adults or children

Before and after the procedure under general anaesthesia, all of the following instructions should be followed:

  • do not eat and drink 6 - 8 hours before surgery (to prevent vomiting and inhalation of vomit), eat only easily digestible food the day before surgery
  • do not smoke at least 6 hours before surgery
  • do not drink alcoholic beverages on the day before anaesthesia
  • remove dental prosthetics, contact lenses
  • for outpatient anaesthesia, arrange accompaniment by an adult and their presence in the home for 24 hours after anaesthesia
  • after the operation, do not go home alone or by public transport and the patient may not drive a vehicle (within 36 hours after surgery)
  • do not smoke and drink alcohol within 36 hours of surgery, use only medicines that have been approved by the anaesthetist, do not use sharp objects and tools, eat easily digestible food
  • do not plan strenuous work duties for one week after the operation
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