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Endodontic treatment means treating the interior of the tooth. People often call this inflammation of nerves, canals, dental pulp or “dead tooth”. Endodontic treatment is not just about “deadening the tooth” and clearing out the canals.

In order for the endodontic treatment to be successful, the root canals of the treated tooth need not only be cleaned well, but also widened, disinfected and filled with material that perfectly seals the root canals. The nerves do not tear, only the sick tooth marrow is removed mechanically. When done properly, the treatment is not painful.

Endodontic treatment should be performed whenever a pathological process - inflammation or numbing - occurs in the dental pulp. Dental inflammation is mostly caused by bacteria (infection) that have penetrated the dental cavity from tooth decay. Dental pulp may also be affected by tooth trauma (tooth crushing, tooth fracture) or if the marrow is exposed to a higher temperature (tooth grinding under insufficient water spray cooling). Inflammation results in the breakdown of the dental pulp and the infiltration of the infection into the entire root system. Bacteria get into close proximity to the root canal or directly into the jaw bone. The immune system responds to this condition by developing inflammation around the root of the tooth and a dental cyst can form. Unfortunately, our immune system is unable to remove infection inside the root canal. Therefore, the inflammation around the root tip increases.

In some cases, it is also recommended to carry out endodontic treatment before making the crown or bridge. Our dentists perform endodontic treatment with magnifying aids - magnifying glasses and a modern RECIPROC canal filling system.

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