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Plastika čeľustnej kosti: zubná implantácia v Košice, Dr.Repaši


Preparation for implantation

In preparing for the introduction of dental implants, it is often found that the jawbone is too small for implant implantation. In such a situation, the patient often needs bone sculpting to fix the implant in place. Bone sculpting (osteoplastic, bone augmentation, sinus lift) is an operation to increase the volume of bone tissue that makes it possible to create a sufficiently large bed to insert the implant. In a number of cases, bone sculpting is performed simultaneously with implantation and in some cases, it is a separate operation.

Insufficient bone volume in the area of the dental defect is one of the most common contraindications for the insertion of a dental implant. To resolve this problem, patients are advised to use the following or another type of bone sculpture.

Nedostatočný objem kosti v oblasti zubného defektu je jednou z najčastejších kontraindikácií pre zavedenie zubného implantátu. Pre vyriešenie tohto problému sa pacientom odporúča nasledujúci alebo iný druh kostnej plastiky

Osteoplasty (socket preservation) – filling the opening with osteoplastic material.

This type of operation is performed for the purpose of

  • maintaining the maximum volume of alveolar growth,
  • excluding the risk of infection of the post-extraction wound, 
  • ensuring that the surrounding teeth are properly positioned after tooth extraction.

Osteoplasty is performed without breaking the skin cover and facial muscles. All procedures performed via the oral cavity.

Bone augmentation can be effective if, for various reasons, the patient does not have sufficient bone tissue to fix the implant reliably or for functional and aesthetic rehabilitation. Causes may be:

  • previous tooth loss,
  • extraction injury
  • infections,
  • jaw injuries from everyday life and sports
Príprava na zubnú implantáciu: HappyDent, obrázok

Sínus lift

In the long-term absence of a chewing group of teeth on the upper jaw, in most cases the bone is reduced in volume, so sinus lift surgery is required to insert the implant.

A sinus lift is an operation to increase the thickness and volume of bone that is performed exclusively on the upper jaw. There are lateral sinus cavities (or so-called sinuses) in the area around the nose and forehead - the operation is done with the large maxillary cavities, which are located above the roots of the lateral teeth of the upper jaw. These are lined with a thin protective layer (membrane) from the inside. If we lift it, we can free a little space to fill it with bone material and thereby increase the volume of bone tissue.

Sínus lift: HappyDent, obrázok

Types of sinus lift

  • Open sinus lift. This is done in cases with an inadequate bone thickness (2-3 mm). It is a planned operation during which the membrane of the maxillary cavity is lifted, space is freed for its subsequent filling with bone material (artificial bone or regenerate), which stimulates further bone formation in situ. At the time of surgery, it is also possible to introduce the implants simultaneously into the sinus lift area (implantation within a single stage, if there is such a possibility), or implantation of the teeth takes place 4-6 months after the sinus lift.
  • The closed sinus lift is performed in cases with an average bone thickness (5-7 mm). The sinus lift is performed at the same time that the implants are introduced, as conditions are generally favourable.We do not intend to describe the details of each methodology. Their common idea is that synthetic, artificial, intrinsic or bovine material (of animal origin) is added to the site of inadequate tissue. In some cases, two stages are therefore necessary and sometimes only one visit to the dental clinic is needed. Some methods are recommended for restoring several teeth, others are only suitable for chewing teeth. It is not possible to determine immediately which method is suitable for you. When visiting our Dental Office at AUPARK we will choose the right method for you.

Advantages of performing BONE SCULPTING AT Aupark Dental Office

  • All bone volume augmentation operations are based on the results of the most accurate computer tomography using Planmeca ProMax 3D equipment, which ensures high quality planning and execution of operations.
  • When performing bone volume augmentation operations, we rely on international protocols for therapy, providing outcomes both as predicted and as planned and reducing the number of possible complications.
  • All operations are performed under the effect of sedatives, which enables high patient comfort (while sleeping) and also minimizes post-operative swelling and complications.
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