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We always take an overall approach to your dental health. We design a treatment plan to keep your teeth working without problems for the long term. The patient is entitled to a preventive check-up once a year. Children and adolescents get theirs 2x per calendar year. We respect your individual needs and your wishes, especially with regard to the aesthetic quality and the cost of the treatment.

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Prevention is our priority in caring for our patients. Preventive care for your teeth is the most basic and effective form of prevention, and this means preventive check-ups with the dentist and well-performed home and professional oral hygiene. Thus, the risk of problems in the oral cavity can be reduced, especially: tooth decay, gingivitis - periodontitis, tartar, plaque, pigment spots, thus ensuring the long-term health of your teeth.

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The main aim of restorative dentistry is to save the tooth that is affected, e.g. by decay or trauma. This kind of problem can be solved by fillings. With the modern materials of the unique technology we use, we can make "white seals" on any tooth.

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Endodontic treatment means treating the interior of the tooth. People often call this inflammation of nerves, canals, dental pulp or “dead tooth”. Endodontic treatment is not just about “deadening the tooth” and clearing out the canals.

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At our clinic we use a full spectrum of modern methods and anaesthetics. This ensures all dental procedures are painless. Therefore, there is no reason why a patient should fear pain.

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The aim of our dentists is to support family dentistry – i.e. caring for all the members of the family regardless of their age.

What are the advantages?

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Implantology is a modern field, essential to modern dentistry. It offers an elegant, gentle and quality solution to the loss of one or more teeth. Dental implants are an artificial replacement for dental roots that have been destroyed. They consist of a small screw that, in a minor surgical procedure, is integrated into the jaw in place of the missing tooth.

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AUPARK dental office performs the following dentoalveolar surgery:

  • Simple and surgical extraction
  • Resection of the root tip
  • Sinus lift
  • Augmentation
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Prosthetic dentistry deals with the replacement of missing teeth, or the whole set of teeth. It rehabilitates the chewing, phonetic and aesthetic function of the teeth.

We divide the prosthetics into fixed and removable ones.

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Not every patient is satisfied with the natural colour of their teeth. Teeth whitening is recommended in such cases. For overall aesthetics, the colour of the upper front teeth is crucial. Therefore, whitening is particularly important for these teeth.

PURE Whitening – the only whitening that guarantees results for the long term!

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